The Strange Voyages of

Shanghai Brown

I wish to have no connection

with any ship that does not sail fast;

for I intend to go in harm's way.

- John Paul Jones

If ye be seeking a normal travel blog, get on yer way.  If yer looking fer a high falutin' "luxury" blog, all slick n' filled with snobbish pretension, move along.  But if ye be in need of something real, something honest and authentic in a fabricated world, then take a pull from the bottle and linger for a spell here at the taffrail and watch the land sink out of sight.

If you want to know who I be, well, I'm an award-winning, internationally published journalist, historian, travel writer, television producer, writer and host of a regional travel television series, and songwriter/musician, captain of a pirate jam band that has toured England twice and released two albums.

A travel image from Tijuana
Telefonica Gastro Park, Tijuana.
A scene from Southwest Stories

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