In this world, it's easy to be misled or lost in a sea of questionable information when looking for recommendations on authentic travel - anything from clothing to unique hotels, destinations to that awesome cocktail spot, or dining discovery. 


I've had Yelp remove one of my reviews - a legitimate review - because its algorithms determined it wasn't real.  I've dined in a Las Vegas fine dining restaurant that was well reviewed on Yelp and found it to be mediocre and overpriced.  Online reviews can be helpful, but they're not my only go-to source of information.  In this section, I'll drop in reviews, some detailed, some just brief suggestions - "Hey, you've got to check this out!"  They're from all over the map, so feel free to browse.  And remember - nothing replaces your own personal experience with a business, destination, or event.

If you have questions about a particular recommendation, feel free to get in touch.