Tijuana with Turista Libre

Ditch those memories of an apathetic "guide" reading his script in a monotone barely audible over the groaning and grinding of the bus.

Derrik Chin's Turista Libre is not that kind of tour company, and I am eternally grateful. Turista Libre brings in-depth knowledge and contacts, along with passion, to their tours. Whether you are seeking a day of culinary delights, microbrews, tequila tastings, shopping, baseball, or you just want to get to know Tijuana and Baja, or Mexico City, on a more meaningful level, Turista Libre offers easy and affordable ways for you to enjoy a cross-border experience.

You can even visit the prototypes for Donald Trump's famous border wall, or schedule a private tour to set your own priorities. Turista Libre is highly recommended.

Read about my day with Derrik and Turista Libre HERE.

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