High Seas Trading Co. - Awesome, American-made shirts

Me, wearing a shirt from High Seas Trading Co.!

Yeah, yeah, I know - it's a picture of me. Well, sure it is. But it's a picture of me in a Dia de los Muertos aloha shirt made by High Seas Trading Co., right here in southern California since 1988. If you watched my TV show, Southwest Stories, you've seen me wearing High Seas shirts in most every episode. I love these shirts. They're rooted in the beach culture I grew up in, they have the quality of high end resort wear, they're unique and fun designs, they're comfortable, and they last.

I first came in contact with High Seas Trading Co. through their Route 66 aloha shirts. Terrill, the founder, grew up on the same SoCal beaches I did, and found himself facing the fact that more and more aloha shirts were being made overseas with lower quality standards. It wasn't right. So he did something about it.

Now, three decades later, High Seas has at least 100 designs of shirts - from classic Americana and iconic traditional aloha shirts, all with authentic coconut buttons and pockets sewed to match the patterns (that's one immediate tell as to the quality of an aloha shirt - if the pocket isn't sewn to match the pattern of the shirt, it's not a good shirt - period), to cosmic, fun, and specialty aloha shirts. It's all wonderfully colorful and the shirts are constant conversation starters. I am always hearing, "I love that shirt," from total strangers.

High Seas has their clothing in more than 150 specialty shops around the world, but you don't have to find one to get shopping. You can shop their website, and if you sign up for their email newsletter, you'll get a discount off your first order. They're always adding new designs to the line up, and yes, if you have a need, they can produce your own custom shirts, but there is a significant minimum quantity required since they have to design the pattern, and run a certain amount of fabric.

They really do have something for just about every guy out there. Not so much for women, I suppose. There's retro style, patriotic, tropical, happy hour, fishing, surfing, Route 66 and road tripping, vintage aircraft, music, sports, chiles, space, and

I really can't say enough good things about High Seas shirts. There's a time for a white shirt, tie, and sports coat, but I'm all for limiting that time. Living in the desert has changed my attire dramatically. All summer, I barely wear long pants or shoes. And almost always, I'm in a High Seas aloha shirt.

Check them out HERE.

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