Southwest Stories: Highway 62 Love Song

From Morongo Valley, featured in our previous episode of Southwest Stories - Dig Your Own - we head up the grade into Old Town Yucca Valley for a visit to Desert Christ Park, a destination I knew as a child, and we talk with music producer Hal Hiner, and do a little wine tasting with Buster Baker, before heading on to Joshua Tree to talk with artist Bobby Furst.

The name for this episode comes from the beautiful song by Tim Easton of the same name. Tim's moved on from Joshua Tree, as has Glenn Patrik, whose music is also featured. Though this was only filmed a few years ago, Hal and Buster have both died since, and Tim Kelly, the fiddler at the Joshua Tree Farmer's Market, who we planned to include in more shows, was struck by a car and killed while riding his bicycle home from a rehearsal with a friend - the night before this episode debuted on KVCR PBS. One of the reasons I have wanted to continue the show is that so many great people - and their stories - are passing by so quickly, before those stories can be shared.

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Full interview with Bobby Furst.

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