Virtual Visit: Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a constant presence in my life. I'm looking at its western mountains now. It's an enormous park, the size of the state of Rhode Island, covering the transition zone between the Colorado (lower) and the Mojave (high) deserts. While the iconic Joshua tree grows in the Mojave portion of the park, which also features most of the massive granite rock formations so popular with photographers and climbers, the lower portion of the park has its own desolate beauty.

I've hiked a good portion of the park (you can spend your whole life exploring every wash and canyon, every mountain and rock formation). It's filled with stunning natural beauty, history, Native American sites, wildlife, and plenty of surprises. Enjoy this selection of some of my Joshua Tree National Park photos as you take a virtual tour of Joshua Tree National Park.

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All photos are copyright Steve Brown.

Grand Vistas, Sweeping Views

Barker Dam & Wall Street Mill Hikes

Cholla Garden

Ryan Ranch

Lost Horse Mine Trail

Samuelson's Rocks

Winter scenes

Rock Climbing and People in the Park

Pinto Basin, Cottonwood, the Colorado Desert in Joshua Tree National Park

Eastern Areas of Joshua Tree National Park

Scenes Around Joshua Tree National Park

Sunsets, Sunrises, Night in Joshua Tree National Park

Human Impacts and Climate Change in Joshua Tree National Park

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