Southwest Stories: Little Petroglyph Canyon, Randsburg & Ridgecrest

So, I'll just note here that working with the production company for our first season of "The Real Desert, with Steve Brown," was hellish and random at best. There had to be a change, and so when the production company reneged on an agreement to shoot an episode in the Ridgecrest area, it was the final straw for me. My reputation was at stake, and enough was enough.

I contacted Spelman Evans Downer, a local college professor and visual artist who had taught video production, and he enthusiastically jumped on board and rounded up a talented, young crew. We put everything together and the shoot happened right on schedule.

This episode is the first in our second season (under the new name, "Southwest Stories," because the original production company was disputing whether I had the right to use "The Real Desert," and my own name, despite the fact that I was running The Sun Runner, The Journal of the Real Desert, at the time). It features a tour I was leading to the area and I am extremely grateful to all of those on our tour who so enthusiastically participated and endured our filming.

I'd like to thank all the good folks of Ridgecrest, Randsburg, and NAWS - the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, home to Little Petroglyph Canyon. Special thanks to Lorraine Blair and her posse in Randsburg, Casey Grove and the staff of Casey's for their hospitality, virtually everyone at the Maturango Museum for their excellent support and guides for Little Petroglyph Canyon, NAWS for their support and cooperation, and of course, Doug Leuck and his RACVB staff.

I've led a number of tours up to this area, and I never tire of it. This area has a lot to explore and enjoy, and in time, I'll get more stories about that up on this site. In the meantime, enjoy a little visit up California's Highway 395 to Randsburg, Ridgecrest, and the incredible Little Petroglyph Canyon. Thanks for coming along!

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