Honoring the King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale

Dick Dale, King of Surf Guitar, is dead. Long live the king! How can someone who influenced the very core of rock music ever truly die? Furthermore, how can he not be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

In any event, on May 25, 2019, The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano will host a benefit concert for Dick Dale (to help cover funeral and last medical expenses - Dick toured for years to cover his health care). The date was originally booked for Dick (he always sold out the Coach House), but with his death, an all star line up of surf music legends are taking over to honor Dick's memory and help his wife Lana.

The incredible line up includes:

Bob Berryhill; guitar player for the Surfaris, recorded the seminal surf hit Wipeout and several major surf genre hits such as Surfer Joe and Point Panic in 1963. Bob Spickard; lead guitar player and songwriter for the Chantays, recorded the landmark surf tune Pipeline in 1963. Jim Masoner, lead guitar player for the Lively Ones, whose 1963 surf genre hit Surf Rider resurfaced 31 years later in the pop movie Pulp Fiction. Will Glover - guitar player and vocalist for the Pyramids, whose recordings of Penetration, Here Comes Marsha and Contact secured a spot in the surf genre movie Bikini Beach in 1964. Joey Gieniec, - lead guitar player and vocalist for Joey & His Showmen whose early 1960's recording got him a position as a Del Tone. Ernie Tavizon; sax player with the Marketts, the session band that released the first surf genre record in 1962 Surfers Stomp.

This historic evening promises to be unforgettable for its music, as well as its stories.

You can reserve your ticket HERE.

A HUGE Thanks to Guitar Center!

I have to admit, when I decided to reach out to folks like Guitar Center and Fender to see if they would help support Lana Dale's fundraising to cover funeral and medical expenses after Dick's death, I wasn't overly optimistic. I'm used to working for what I believe to be important and worthy issues and projects, and it's often frustrating. Fender's customer relations folks were kind, and they referred me to their press office - which roundly ignored my messages. That said, Fender Musical Instruments stepped up themselves with a $10,000 donation, so they can feel free to ignore me all they want.

Even Guitar Center's social media handler blew me off initially, but when I reached their media and public relations division, Melissa Miller promptly responded, apologized for the social media encounter, and got down to business. Guitar Center made a significant $5,000 donation to the fund to cover Dick's final expenses, and went the extra mile to find Lana Dale a personal contact at the GRAMMY's MusicCares division to get Lana more assistance.

I have to say, I was blown away by Melissa's helpfulness, her thoughtfulness, and the fact that Guitar Center would step up to the plate and come through in such a meaningful manner. I am now, and forever, officially in their debt (and just purchased my latest drum kit from them). I can't say thank you enough for them coming through during a really rough time for Lana in the aftermath of Dick's death. Thank you just seems insufficient, but thank you Melissa Miller and Guitar Center. I will always cherish your kindness toward Dick and Lana Dale. Their contribution and care show that the folks there care about the musicians they serve, and for that, I am grateful.

You can contribute to Lana's fundraiser HERE. Thank you!

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